Calligraphy is the art of elegant and expressive writing, where each stroke and curve becomes a dance of ink on paper. It weaves words into visual poetry, merging form and meaning with precision and grace. Through skilled manipulation of various writing tools, calligraphy transforms language into a captivating symphony of aesthetic beauty, carrying the essence of cultures and emotions across time.

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Jikoji Zen Center,
12100 Skyline Blvd,
Los Gatos, CA 95033

Calligraphy Workshop

Weekend Workshop, Friday Sept 15 to Sunday September 17th

An evening and a day to plunge into using the Chinese brush to explore some basic terms in ideographic form.

Writing with this type of brush is a three-dimensional dance–unlike using a pencil or pen. When familiar with the form, the writing of an ideograph becomes a meditative dance.

The meaning of the word can deepen in non-rational ways bringing a shift of focus from outer form to inner feeling, expression beyond the word.

The illustration is a creative calligraphic form of 'Oak'



Attendance will be limited to eight online participants, and eight in person participants, to ensure the flow and intimacy of the workshop. Online participants will be sent a link to the Zoom meeting the day of the event. Please use the registration button below to register on the Jikoji website to attend the Calligraphy Workshop and for overnight accommodations. Overnight fees are $100 per night, camping is $60 per night, and day attendance is $40 per day.

Meals are provided.

Here's our full schedule, subject to minor changes. All times are PST.


Dinner at 6pm

Evening Session
7:00 pm to 9 pm PST

Morning Session
9:30 am to noon PST

Afternoon Session**
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm PST


Sunday Program 10 am to 2pm


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Attendance $40/day
Camping: $60/night
Rooms : $100/night

  • Vegetarian Meals included



Gerow Reece

Gerow Reece first sat with Yamada Reirin Roshi and the young monk, Maezumi Sensei, in the old brick Zenshuji in Los Angeles in the early 60s. He then practiced with Robert and Ann Aitken at Kokoan in their home in Honolulu. Later, while studying in Kyoto, Japan, he sat at Antaiji with Uchiyama Roshi and later with Morinaga Roshi at Daishu-in and Kobori Nanrei at Ryoko-in, never settling on a teacher --until the arrival of his son. Gerow serves ceremonial tea and occasionally teaches calligraphy at Jikoji.

Invitation to Calligraphy

Below, some selected works from the first six sections of Invitation to Calligraphy, Dance of the Flowing brush by instructor, Gerow Reece. Each section is a theme reflecting a particular quality. By studying and reflecting on the qualities of brush writing you will be able to appreciate some aspects of east asian calligraphy as well and gain some hints of its fertile spirit.



Approaching the paper void
the brush dares to touch down
enlivening the receptive ground
as the energy reverberates
through the black ink
each emerging line
fully nourishes its surroundings
like the vibrant vein of a leaf
and creates a temenos -
a sacred precinct -
of unseen power.

Illustration - Open



Opening to the gifts of long practice
drawing all energies together
the brush-mind evokes
the stroke to come

In stillness, the moment of change
the mystery of renewal
the possible - known and unknown -
the brush poised

From the source pressing outward
energizing arm-fingers-brush
the heart, firmly initiating the stroke,
becomes known

Illustration - Wind



Radiantly dark, the ink
suffusing the quivering brush
imbues each movement....

Enlivening broadly
probing deeply
the brush energizes
what lies below the paper's surface.

Thus depth and breadth
flow from each stroke
and nourish the fertile space

Illustration - Image



Naturally flowing
a river broadens
in the shallows

And deepens in the narrows -
The flow insistent, unbroken.

It's shifts when subtle
radiate vitality

When dramatic,
irrepressible vigor.

Illustration - Light



As if looking down from an airplane
see each brush stroke
on the white paper
as a lusty ridgeline -

Showing just above a white layer of clouds -

That expands downward
and broadly forms below the 'clouds'
a massive mountain
of robust power.

Illustration - Mountain



--The string drawing elements together
-- The fuse leading to explosion

And so brush, ink and paper
fully energized
thrust meaning into forms
shaped by the writers history,
mystery, intention, focus
expressing intimacy with the source
of oneself and the whole.

Illustration - Leap

brush and ink.jpeg


Items may be purchased from a Chinese shop such as Soyodo, Sunnyvale.


Either stick ink with an inkstone ( $10-20) or a bottle of calligraphy ink ($6-10)


For calligraphy with bristles between 1 and 1/4" to 1 and 3/4" long. ($10-20)

Practice paper

Old newspaper or phone book. Buy one pack of "rice paper" as well.

Black felt

To place under paper when writing, 12x15" or larger (buy at fabric shop)


One long narrow flat stone or piece of steel to use as paper weight when writing.

Venue & Host

A serene place of practice in the Los Gatos mountains,

Jikoji Zen Center12100 Skyline Blvd,Los Gatos, CA 95033

Parking available on premisis. Check-in begins an hour before start time.

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