Tea & Tango

Live Music & Dancing

Every Saturday at 5:00p
1680 Bryant St, Palo Alto


Tango practice period in a supportive and friendly learning environment with two rooms for dancing

All Eras

Start from the Contemporary tangos of the 90s & 00s, stop by the revolutionary Tango Nuevo of the 70s and get transported back to the Golden Era of the 30s, 40s, and 50s

All Embrace Styles

For all comfort levels, skill levels and the diverse backgrounds in the cultural melting pot of the Silicon Valley

Beginner Friendly

Practica are designed for beginners where they are encouraged and supported to get ready for Milongas. Also a great place for high level dancers to practice opposite roles or improve their craft

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Art Exhibit

An informal exhibition of the works of Gino Severini, the leading Italian cubist, surrealist and futurist from Italy, around Argentine tango and Ballet and a curated collection of art and artifacts from the life long collection of Argentine tango dancer, teacher and historian Alberto Paz and his wife Valorie Hart.

Pu erh Tea

Authentic pu erh prepared by a tea master from Yunnan district in China; preserved and aged in the US

Tea: 5:45 to 8:00p

Fresh hot tea served to enrich the mind, body and spirit as we practice and refine understanding of the music and the dance.

For some, Pu erh brings a relaxing and slightly uplifting shift along with various health benefits.

Served in authentic tea-ware, earthen pots and cups (limited quantity)

Complemented with snacks like Argentine empanadas or Indian samosas.


Tango Saturdays - Live Concerts

April 27th, May 11th, June 1st 2024

Tangos y Canciones - April 27th

By Duo Luz de neón

Live Concert - 6:00 to 6:45p

Svetlana Shnitser, a pianist since age 5, delights in improvisation and playing by ear. For nearly two decades, she's embraced tango, recently adding tango piano to her repertoire alongside dancing. Under Pablo Estigarribia's tutelage, she hones her tango piano skills. She's enriched her craft at the Tango Music Institute and the Tanguero Workshop, both led by Argentine musicians.

Alexander Zeyliger, grew up immersed in 1930s and ‘40s records, honing his musical talent. Studying voice, piano, and clarinet in Leningrad, he pursued a Physics degree at Caltech while deeply involved in its Glee Club. Under mentors Frieda Bernstein and Eugene Brancoveanu, he mastered classical singing. Discovering Argentine tango, he delved into singing and playing the bandoneon, attending the Tango Music Institute at Reed College and Stowe Tango Music Festival. Today, he leads multiple tango groups in the Bay Area.

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Trio ARTE - May 11th

Alex Roitman Tango Ensamble

Live Concert - 6:00 to 6:45p

Claudio Ortega, voice, the Tango Singer from Buenos Aires effortlessly weaves tales of tango's history and local anecdotes into his performances, spanning classical to contemporary styles. With almost two decades of experience, he has graced prestigious venues like San Francisco Union Square, Stanford's Bing Musical Series, and the Hollywood Ford Amphitheater. Experience his unique blend of tango, boleros, and even Argentinian-accented Elvis.

Crystie Shum, piano, born in Hong Kong, rediscovered her passion for piano in 2017, immersing herself in Argentine tango. Under the guidance of renowned maestros like Hector Del Curto and Pablo Estigarribia, she honed her skills. Notable performances include the Stowe Tango Music Festival and concerts in Buenos Aires with Nacho Piana. Currently, she's active in groups like the Alex Roitman Tango Ensemble and Orquesta Tipica Domo

Alex Roitman, bandoneón, a disciple of Hector Del Curto, showcased his bandoneon mastery with Tangonero in San Francisco. He's a Stowe Tango Music Festival orchestra member and a Che Bandoneon International Competition medalist. Sharing the stage with tango legends like Victor Lavallen, he's known for compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions of classic tango. Currently dividing his time between the Boston Tango Orchestra and the Alex Roitman Tango Ensemble, he continues to enrich the tango scene on the East Coast

Orchestra L.O.F.T. - June 1st

La Orquesta de Fusión Tango

Live Concert - 6:00 to 6:45p

La Orquesta de Fusión Tango, also known as . L.O.F.T. is a volunteer orchestra for the San Francisco Bay Tango community comprised of some very talented local musicians.

They love to perform the tango dance community. Many of them are tango dancers themselves.

L.O.F.T. is directed by flutist, and arranger, Melissa Bowman



Doors open at 4:45 PM
Practica..........................5:00 to 6:00
Live Show.......................6:00 to 6:45
Milonga………………………6:45 to 8:30p

+ Authentic puerh tea from Yunnan (China) & Argentine empanadas

Tea & Tango L.O.F.T.

June 1st ticket.

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    A beautiful historic heritage house in Palo Alto

    Feeling Flow1680 Bryant StPalo Alto, CA 94301

    Doors open 15 minutes before class.

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    Karn Verma

    Karn Verma, a Chanoyu (Japanese Ceremonial Tea) practitioner since 2018, has been teaching tango since 2017, having taught at various esteemed centers. He's adept in both contemporary and historical dances, particularly Argentine tango, which he studied intensively in Buenos Aires and recently in Rome with dancer, teacher, actor Pablo Verón. Inspired by Richard Powers, his teaching philosophy reflects the ethos of the Stanford Tango Weeks. More about him can be found at: www.feelingflow.org/founder

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