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Individual Lessons

“The wise wield no authority, and those in authority are not wise”

The Lesson

During the lesson, we will try to see where you are with tango and dance, and then bring you towards the place where I am with it. Our goal is help you be independent, comfortable, enriched and mature with respect to this art form.


We can do it in Palo Alto or at a location convenient to you. There is a discount of 25% for couples.

Option #1. Pal Alto

The lesson will be at the location below in Palo Alto. Parking is easy.

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One 1 Hr Lesson, $99

I'll offer light refreshments and snacks.

Book One Lesson

Six 1 Hr Lessons, $525

Along with the light refreshments and snacks. If you'd like I could accompany you to a Milonga, after the package is complete.

Book Six Lessons

Option #2. Your preferred location

We can meet at a location you prefer and a suitable time that works for us. No need to check the calendar, just contact me. The tuition is variable.