For instructor Karn Verma teaching Argentine tango

Last night, I sang your praises to Scott Gamble. In the 12 years I've been taking classes at FNW, you're the best instructor we have had in Argentine tango. It is a daunting, difficult, stylized dance, but you made it easy and fun to learn. In just two hours, you deftly and with appropriate pacing broke down the elements and showed us how to combine them into the basic steps. And voila we could dance!

Elizabeth Tsai (Gigi)

Best Tango intro series one can attend to kickstart your journey, highly capable (posture, moves), organized(right progression) and empathic teacher in Karn, Nice dance floor near Mountain View, CA. Try a drop-in or just dive into full series. Made my 2022

Amit Chaudhary

Karn is a very capable teacher and a great dancer. I learned a lot from him and would highly recommend his beginner tango classes.

Stephanie Lau

My husband and I took this class with Karn, and we highly recommend him as an excellent teacher. Karn insists on the steps’ technicality as much as the flow, connection, acceptance of our mistakes, and enjoyment of the moment. So we felt very comfortable asking questions, etc. We will continue taking his classes in the future.

Anne-Marie Duliege

Karn brings his personal experience, passion and authentic love for all things Tango to his teaching. Each lesson is comprised of Tango stories, history, culture and a variety of Tango music styles. We learn musicality, steps, posture, technique in fun and enjoyable classes. Along with teaching Tango moves and connection with ones partner, Karn helps dancers to focus on the connection between body and mind. So glad to have discovered Feeling Flow Argentine Tango Classes with Karn Verma.

Nancy Romano

Karn is kind and knowledgeable, precisely what you want in an instructor. I love his incorporation of Flow states and Partnering as he explains practical dance moves. I appreciate his emphasis on overall movements and frames, rather than overly precise foot placement. He has a light touch with feedback. He frequently checks in for understanding with a display of thumbs up/sideways/down, and he has students rotate partners frequently.

Larry Hamel

The opportunity that fit my schedule to learn something new. Back to dancing again. The teacher and assistant. Challenging my brain and balance. The music. New steps every week to combine together. Challenging pace. Teaching my body to listen to/feel the cue from the leader during partnering. The history of Tango. A welcoming space. A sense of community. The Practica at 5 was an awesome opportunity. I come from a family where hospitality is ultra important. Thank you for your hospitality.

Nancy Romano

I loved Karn's teaching method. It made this complex dance accessible. Karn has a wonderful calm presence and ability to build confidence in us beginners.

Michal Shalon

Dancing with different people. Helped me understand how to fix my issues if I'm running into the same problem with each lead. I liked how laid back and interactive the lessons were. Really nice to meet like minded people.


Karn has a great appreciation for Tango as an art form and brings a calm easy going aura to the class while also teaching the intricate steps and movements.

Susan Fields Bailey
  1. The instructors were great: 5 stars for Karn & his assistants! 2) The format of instruction + practice time was nicely balanced. 3) The tea & nuts were relaxing mid-way. 4) It was a fun way to meet fellow MIT alums. 5) The location was convenient for us, and the parking was easy. 6) The LinkedIn notes & videos were helpful to review & refresh our memories.
Matt & Nisha

Karn created a welcoming and comfortable environment for learners of all levels. Being an absolute beginner, I had some hesitations but Karn's expertise and professionalism helped me to gain confidence and learn the moves step by step. It was a lot of fun!

David G

Yes. Thank you Karn for making learning of Argentine tango fun. It’s not easy to teach a group of varying experiences and you make it such that all feel they are learning and enjoying!

Yue Cathy Chang

The instructors were patient during the learning process.


Karn was great!! The class instruction was terrific and the LinkedIn videos were very helpful.

Mike Cassidy

Great pace; great instructors; many different, interesting moves; focus on flow and curiosity; lots of chances to ask questions and get detailed feedback.

Patti Schank

Great teaching, great ambiance, great fellow students.
Karn embodies tango!

Jacky Pacoe

I loved the live music and learning some of the history of the music. Beautiful place, nice location, easy parking, and I loved the bit of introduction to art.


Dear Karn, thank you very much for such a great Argentine tango series! You are great dancer. Thanks for sharing your passion, knowledge and experience.

Alina Gory

Karn is an excellent instructor. He breaks steps down but also allows free movement which he then observes and provides feedback on. Thank you Karn!

Arin Basmajian