Syllabus - Yoga Dance Flow

6 Saturdays, 12:45-2:00p
Sept 23 - Oct 28
1680 Bryant Street, Palo Alto

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Feeling & Connection

Through mindful connection to sensations, discover the language of your body, nurturing deeper awareness. Perfect for all levels, this class enriches your dance with the rhythm of sensations, harmonizing body and mind as we move through asanas and dance movements.

Registration September 23rd

Points of Initiation

Here, you're invited to a movement of discovery, where every corner of your being is welcomed into graceful motion. Explore the art of initiation as you awaken dormant energies, allowing each body part to contribute its unique rhythm to the symphony of the asanas, music and movements.

Registration September 30th
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Masculine Pathways

Embrace the power of linear movements as you explore the dynamic dance of strength and grace. This class guides you through a captivating exploration of masculinity within movement, inviting you to embody its bold and purposeful expressions. Discover the harmony of linear motion, cultivating a balanced dance that resonates with your inner strength.

Registration Oct 7

Feminine Pathways

Delve into the exquisite world of circular movements, where grace and fluidity intertwine. This class celebrates the essence of femininity in motion, inviting you to explore the beauty of curves and cycles. Immerse yourself in a dance that mirrors the rhythms of life, nurturing a harmonious blend of strength and elegance through the art of circular motion.

Registration for Oct 14

Elemental Embodiment

This class invites you to embrace the sensations of earth, water, fire, air, and space, channeling their energies into a symphony of graceful motion. Experience a profound connection to nature's elements as they flow through you, grounding your practice in natural rhythms.

Registration for Oct 21

Surrender & Express

Release the boundaries and allow your body to become a vessel for the singular dance that seeks expression through you. Surrender to the currents of movement that flow from your heart, embracing the liberation of authentic self-expression. This class invites you to channel your essence into motion, creating a dance that resonates with the essence of your being, a dance that is uniquely yours.

Registration for Oct 28